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Ally Raye

Founder/Lead VA

Hello! I started Virtual Ally LLC in 2019 as a way to stay connected to the work I enjoy with the flexibility to pursue additional fulfilling life goals.

I (and my cat Rugby) enjoy traveling while our home base is in Northern Colorado. When home, I spend much of my time drinking inordinate amounts of tea, working on some new craft, or trying to get outside. 

Main Services: Inquiries, Billing, Social Media, Email Management

Ashli Tierney

Founder of Ashli Tierney, LLC


Hi, I’m Ashli, one of the virtual assistant’s fortunate enough to work for Virtual Ally!  I have been working as a virtual assistant since mid 2022, but prior to that I worked in customer service and then in the dental field as a dental hygiene assistant. Taking care of your patients is my top priority and I am always willing and excited to learn a new task to make your life easier!


When I am not working, I enjoy living life with my husband, daughter and my fur babies. I love all things holidays and crafting and you can bet I always have a creative project that I am working on.  I am also an avid reader and am always up for a book suggestion or discussion!

Main Services: Billing, Social Media, Data Collection

Valerie headshot_edited.jpg

Valerie Conner

Founder of Valerie Conner Collaboration, LLC

Hi, I'm Valerie! I come to the Virtual Ally team with experience ranging from Customer Service to Human Resources to Corporate Strategy, in settings as different as Higher Education, Hospitality, and Healthcare. Some of my greatest professional joys are stellar communication and empowering others, so I absolutely love being a virtual assistant in the mental health field. I enjoy challenging myself to learn new things and I like to say that my superpower is creating order out of chaos!

Outside of work, you can find me baking, playing the French horn, laughing with my toddler and husband, or engaging in all-purpose nerdity.

Main Services: Knowledge Management

Digital design, logo design, and web copy-editing provided by the legendary Casey Forest.

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